Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Bat O'Lanterns are flying into town!

That rare breed of bat - the Bat O'lantern, together with its cousin, the Bat Skelly - will be descending en flock upon MONSTERS & MERRIMENT next weekend at Fontanel!
These original vintage-inspired ornies would zest up your Halloween tree but can also be worn as a pin or necklace if you prefer. 

They're completely hand-made (by a super-secret process in the MacabreWebs laboratory by Yours Truly, the maddest of scientists... mua-hahahahaha!) and are durable, colorful, and guaranteed to fly off to the belfry once the show is over.

The Bat Skellies have faux jewels for eyes, in a variety of dazzling colors!

Bat O'Lanterns were inspired by early 20th century Halloween colors

Each one measures approximately 4" wide by 2" high

I'll have a limited number of these delightful goodies at my booth (MacabreWebs) so come on down, say hello, and capture one before they're all gone!