Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Mischievous grins on Jack O'lanterns ...

Just one of the many Halloween things that give me joy!
Grinning Jack ornament - created by Me!
I've created a new style of these happy gourd ornaments, which I call Grinning Jacks. Different from my Smilin' Jacks from previous years, these are more in the vintage style, and as always, hand-made from Sculpy and painted with bright acrylic Halloween colors.

I'm bringing a few with me when I go traveling up north to Anoka (remember, it's the Halloween Capital of the world!) and then on to the Bewitching Peddlers of Halloween show.

But very importantly, along the way, we will be stopping by to visit the home town of a man who I can rightly say, was an incredible inspiration to my inquisitive young mind of my young formative years: Ray Bradbury.

His stories unlocked the door in my imagination! 'The Halloween Tree' is quite possibly my favorite of all time, and I read it each autumn, before Halloween arrives. Along with my traveling companions (my dear Hubby and our best friend John), we will pay homage to this incredibly prolific man. I'm bringing a few things I wish to leave at the park named in Bradbury's honor, including a small pumpkin, a letter I wrote to him, and a few other things. 

Sadly, he passed away in 2012. I regret never having had the opportunity to have met him...

"The leaves have burned to gold and red
The grass is brown, the old year dead,
But hang the harvest high, oh see!
The candle constellations on the Halloween Tree!

"The stars they turn, the candles burn
And the mouse-leaves scurry on the cold wind bourne,
And a mob of smiles shine down on thee
From the gourds hung high on the Halloween Tree!

"The smile of the Witch, and the smile of the Cat,
The smile of the Beast, and the smile of the Bat,
The smile of the Reaper taking his fee
All cut and glimmer on the Halloween Tree... "

(excerpt from The Halloween Tree, by Ray Bradbury)

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