Monday, April 27, 2020

New project: Joli Chat Noir

'Joli chat noir
la bonne vie
elle se moque de toi'

Quarantine art has kept me relatively sane these days!

I'm a collector (read: hoarder) of many a thing that grabs my artistic fancy, including materials, ribbons, paper, old boxes of every sort, doo-dads, thingamabobs and whatnot. All these things that I had vowed steadfastly to repurpose into some lovely new hand-made original art that may, someday, somewhere, end up on a collector's shelf.

Being indoors has necessitated me to being using up some of these plentiful supplies in my studio, including this simple round box which was the container for fancy French brie cheese.

I have reincarnated this simple cardboard box into a thing of sweet whimsy. A keepsake trinket box which I have called 'Joli Chat Noir' (pretty black cat). 

The top of the box is a silvery 3-D paper of raised flowers. The sides are covered in frilly, satiny assorted ribbons with gold rhinestones, and adorned with a sleek black bewhiskered kitty dreaming of a delectable fish dinner (both the cat and fish skeleton are sculpted from polymer clay). The kitty's eyes glow in the dark. She sports a collar trio of crimson material roses, which adds a pop of color to the scene.

The inside of the box is painted muted vintage French sage, with an antique drawing of a black cat, as well as the little poem I wrote.
Joli Chat Noir
created by Ellie Gee
MacabreWebs Studios - copyright 2020

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