Thursday, December 31, 2020

Wishing love, happiness and peace to all! -

 2020 was in many ways, for so many of us, a real shitshow. 

I've always believed in the power of mind over matter, using positive energy to make things happen. No sense in stewing in your own venom, it's not only bad for you and everyone around you, it's also a huge waste of precious time and energy. I'll use a quote from one of my favorite poets (Mary Oliver) to try to illuminate as best I can:

"Someone I once loved gave me a box of darkness. It took me years to understand that this, too, was a gift."

Looking to make this coming year better and brighter as best I can, not only for my own self, but for those I love. I am enormously grateful to all of you in my life, all who care and support me.

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On this very chilly, rainy final day of 2020, I'm here in my studio, looking out the window at the bird feeder full of bright red cardinals, black capped chickadees, tufted titmouse, wrens, woodpeckers, nuthatches and more. Being able to provide food for them during the harshest part of the winter makes me feel incredibly happy.

While looking through one of my storage drives, I happened upon an old file with some artwork I was in midst of creating back in late 2008. We'd been in our new house for less than six months, and I was thrilled to at last have my very own "Art Studio" ... what an amazing and wonderful thing at that! I'd never had one those before; the most previous being a small table set in a corner. Setting about with my paints, ink, pencils, computer art, and a fairly new medium I'd used before but was very excited about learning to master (Sculpey - polymer clay!) - I was, as I said, thrilled to begin this next chapter of my life.

Among one of my early "serious" attempts with polymer clay was the creation of 'Smirky Witch,' a sort of an olde world, gypsy-like forest witch that was stout, sassy (as evidenced by her sweet smirky face) and very colorful. I posed her with one hand-on-hip, a handmade broom held aloft in the other, and dressed her various colors and textures of fabrics (mostly purple velvet) along with bits of cast-off pieces of old jewelry. She was a blast to create! Realizing that I'd grown emotionally attached to her, I ended up keeping her for several years, finally selling her to a dear friend in 2016 during my Monsters & Merriment show. I do miss her, but she's in a very good home, where she resides as the official kitchen witch in that household. 

And, so, here are a few photos her in stages of production, with the eventual finished transformation of Smirky Witch I thought I'd share with you.

May much good magic come your way! 



Freshly painted! I also added some eyelashes (from on old pair of falsies) and installed a full head of hair (from an old grey witch wig from previous Halloweens)


Smirky Witch - front view. She was a wise woman with a jaunty sashay and carefree attitude!


Right side view of Smirky Witch. A definite learning experience in every way, from mastering the clay, to painting facial colors, adding faux wig hair, and sewing her costume. Once I completed her, I was anxious to do more!

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