Monday, March 29, 2021

Welcome, Springtime! -

I took a break during the long cold wintertime to reorganize and plan new things for 2021.

Like I did early last year as the pandemic was just beginning to force-change our ways of socializing together, I stayed home and kept busy in my studio, creating a series of paintings that sort of reflect my outlook these days. Most of the paintings took on a rather surreal fantasy style, a distinct departure from my usual Halloween/spooky themed stuff. 


                                "Matter and Roses" - acrylic on parchment  - 9x11 inches

Oh don't think for a moment that I've switched camps, not for a hot second! 


                     "She is made of Moon and Star Dust" - acrylic on parchment - 9x11 inches

Just have enjoyed flexing a different creative muscle these days. Don't worry, I'm a Halloween girl through and through!

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