Thursday, February 29, 2024

Long overdue greetings to all! -

I see that I've been woefully tardy in updating this here ol' art blog!

   I will offer as my excuse that a whole lotta stuff has been going on which prevented me from regular updates - which it has, not kidding -  and I apologize to those who actually take a few minutes out from their busy days to venture over here for a little Halloween spookery entertainment.

   Most definitely a lot going on. Currently working on the Fall 2024 issue of Autumn Brilliance magazine, as well as organizing a bunch of other things that I'm not able to reveal just yet... but will do so in the very near future. All I'm saying is, I need a staff to help me! You know that old saying, 'biting off more than you can chew?' Well I'm a master at doing that, har har. No worries, good things in store. 

   In the meantime, sharing a creation of mine from the 2023 Halloween season. 

   You know how much I love skulls! This one is made from papier mache, and adorned with all manner of fungus and mold (all hand-made mushrooms from paper clay and painted with acrylics), as well as some locally sourced dried plants, pods, grasses and flowers. All figure into my reverence and borderline revulsion of the process of rot. I find mushrooms especially captivating in all their many shapes and functions. Truly alien, not fitting completely into the animal/vegetable spectrum, but instead straddling both in their unique ways.

   My adoration for all things Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) strongly represents here in this piece, which I've named "FOREVER." It even has tiny battery operated lights that are in the shape of everyone's favorite shroom, the magical Amanita Muscaria.

   We all return to dust, and some of us first are consumed back into the earth by these processes of decay, which I have a lifelong fascination with. Everything is temporary, and the circle of life continues... you can't escape it if you are a living biological being. We eat things, then things eat us. Might sound morbid, but it's really not, it's a vital part of life on earth. Nature does not waste anything; everything serves its pur

   Ok, I promise to be back a bit more regularly....

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