Sunday, June 9, 2024

Let's conjure up a Halloween dream, shall we? -

"Winifred, in her finery, presents a Pumpkin" 

Looks like Winifred is getting antsy. The old gal is wishing that Halloween will come soon!

Winifred (not for sale; she was sold to a Halloween collector a few years back) was one of my favorite whimsical witches to create. 

A mix of polymer clays, paper clay, vintage lace, assorted textiles and materials, and old jewelry all went into her creation. Her snazzy black satin outfit is completely hand-sewn, including her pointy hat. Her rustic broom stick was comprised of gathered natural bits of foliage from our property. And, of course, her pumpkin is hand-created as well, carved from a styrofoam ball and painted to look weathered.

Her backstory is as colorful as she is!

2024 has many new witches in production, which will be posted in the weeks to come.


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